Teacher Programs

Targeted Lesson Modeling – Do you want to try a new instructional strategy, but would like to see it in action? Lesson modeling is a way to accomplish this goal. We will schedule a time to co-teach a lesson following the 3D instructional approach.

Constructing Explanations – Students struggle to explain their thinking about science.  Using the C-E-R Framework from Page Keeley, teachers will explore strategies to support students in writing quality explanations in science.  This is an excellent follow-up session to Writing Across the Curriculum.

Project-based Learning – Distinguish between a “project” and “project-based learning” while developing a framework for how to implement PBL into your classroom.

Engineering Design Overview – Experience an Engineering Design Challenge, and go in depth with the Engineering Design Process.   Encourage problem solving skills and prepare students for the future!

Linking Literature: STEM lessons based on Books – Using a framework, teachers will develop lessons and engineering challenges based on texts they’re already reading with their students.  This is curriculum integration at its best.

STEM Certification Support – Using the certification rubric, an analysis will be completed by teachers within the building and observation data collected by administrators, peers, and coordinator. Support will be given with resources, implementation plan and timeline, and advice for scheduled visits.

Writing Across the Curriculum – Learn new strategies for engaging students in writing about science.

Picture-Perfect Science Lessons – Learn more about these great lessons that utilize the 5E lesson planning model.

Science & Engineering Fair – learn more about the regional fair, and how to successfully prepare students to compete.  While this session is not required for participation in the regional fair, it is strongly recommended for teachers who coordinate school/district fairs or sponsor student projects. Please contact Will Dodd @will.dodd@negaresa.org

STARLAB – a portable planetarium for teaching topics from the solar system to Earth’s geography.  Those interested in checking out this equipment must attend a training session. Please contact Will Dodd @will.dodd@negaresa.org

Science Olympiad – a tournament where students put their science knowledge and engineering skills to the test.  This session is for coaches of new and veteran teams alike.  Learn more about this year’s events and get tips on how to best prepare students for the challenge. Please contact Will Dodd @will.dodd@negaresa.org